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Where to find Warzone 2 DMZ Smuggling Tunnels: Locations

Where to find Warzone 2 DMZ Smuggling Tunnels: Locations
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Among the intriguing features of Warzone 2 is the riveting DMZ mode, inspired by the popular game Escape from Tarkov. A standout element in this mode is the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels. As a player, you’ll need to locate these hidden tunnels to complete specific faction missions. This guide uncovers the secrets of the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels, giving you an edge in the game.

Warzone 2: Embracing the DMZ Mode

The launch of Warzone 2 brought with it a unique feature differentiating it from its Call of Duty predecessors – the DMZ mode. This mode, focusing on extraction, introduces various faction missions, one of which involves locating the elusive Smuggling Tunnels.

The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels: Where to Find Them

The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels are tucked away at the coordinates E3, situated next to the Zarqwa Hydroelectric, on the northern section of the Al Mazrah map. However, before you can access these tunnels, you’ll need a Stronghold Keycard.

The keycard can either be bought at a Buy Station or obtained for free by defeating targets on Al Mazrah. Once you have the keycard, you’ll be able to access the Smuggling Tunnels, an old tunnel complex formerly used for smuggling goods and storing contraband.

Navigating the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels provide five distinct entrances. As you venture into the tunnels, be prepared for a skirmish as AI enemies guard this secret network. Once you’ve successfully eliminated these foes, you can collect supply boxes and other items. There’s also a DMZ mission requiring you to set up tactical cameras at the Smuggling Tunnels.

The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels: A Treasure Trove of Loot

The Smuggling Tunnels aren’t just a mission location but also a treasure chest filled with high-quality weapons and loot. These resources can significantly bolster your armory and coffers for your subsequent raids. Moreover, the tunnels are a key element in the White Lotus’ Smuggling Tunnels mission, making them a crucial location for players.

Locating the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

To uncover the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels on Al Mazrah, search for a small cluster of buildings and trees between Zarqwa Hydroelectric and Al Mazrah City, adjacent to the main road connecting Rohan Oil and the city center. At first glance, the area might appear ordinary, but a closer investigation reveals a hidden stash of DMZ loot guarded by a group of heavily armored AI units.

Warzone 2 DMZ smuggling tunnels location

Gaining Access to the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

There are three methods to infiltrate the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels:

  1. The northernmost entrance is via a well located opposite the main road. It’s somewhat concealed by walls but can be found with a little exploration.
  2. A small house within the Smuggling Tunnels stronghold contains a ladder leading you into the location.
  3. The large entrance on the southern end of the system allows entry into the tunnels. However, it’s partially hidden by vegetation, so careful observation is necessary.

If you’re undertaking the Smuggling Tunnels mission, the last option is recommended as you need to set up a tactical camera in this area. Furthermore, the southern side contains the majority of enemy forces, allowing you to eliminate them early in the game.

Engaging AI Combatants in the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels are teeming with AI combatants. To successfully navigate through the tunnels, it’s advisable to use lethal equipment. Given the confined space of the tunnel, throwing grenades first can result in multiple eliminations. Prioritize eliminating riot shield bots as they pose a significant threat to your teammates outside the tunnel. If you’re lucky, one of the bots might drop a UAV, revealing the location of all nearby enemies.

Setting Up Tactical Cameras in the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

One of the most challenging aspects of the mission is setting up tactical cameras at two of the entrances in the Smuggling Tunnels. After eliminating all the AI combatants, place the first camera at the well entrance north of the stronghold. Use the zipline to descend the well and set up the camera in front of the Stronghold door within the tunnels.

For the second camera, visit the south entrance of the Stronghold. Due to the heavy guard in this area, exercise caution when setting up the camera. As soon as you enter the cave door, throw down the camera.

The final part of the Smuggling Tunnels mission requires extraction in the same deployment. You can find an additional tactical camera by exploring and looting around the map or asking a teammate to choose one as their Field Upgrade. Once you’ve placed the two cameras, leave the Stronghold area and head for extraction. A successful extraction completes the third objective of this DMZ mission.


Mastering the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels mission is a crucial part of succeeding in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode. It requires a keen understanding of the game’s dynamics, strategic planning, and skilled execution. With this guide, you’re now equipped with the necessary knowledge to conquer the Smuggling Tunnels and dominate the DMZ mode. Happy gaming!


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