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Where to Find a Gold Skull in DMZ (COD) – 3 best locations

Where to Find a Gold Skull in DMZ (COD) - 3 best locations
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In the adrenaline-filled universe of Call of Duty: DMZ, the introduction of the Barter System has brought about a new gold rush. Among the vast array of golden items, one object stands out as particularly elusive – the Gold Skull in DMZ. This invaluable artifact, previously only obtainable via cash transactions or Faction Missions, has now become a prized possession that players can discover and use to their advantage.

In this guide, we will unravel the mystery of the Gold Skull, its locations, and the strategies players can employ to secure this treasure.

The Chase for the Gold Skull

Finding a Gold Skull in DMZ is akin to a thrilling treasure hunt. Unlike the Gold Bars that randomly spawn across the map, these precious skulls require a more strategic approach. Here, we’ll walk you through the various methods to secure a Gold Skull, each laden with its own challenges and rewards.

The Boss Battle Strategy

The first route to a Gold Skull lies in the dangerous territory of boss battles. Two locations stand out as hotspots for these confrontations – Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. The Scavenger, a formidable boss, has made his debut in Season 3 and roams around Al Mazrah, frequenting areas such as Hafid Port and Ashika Island. Successfully defeating this boss and his army significantly increases the probability of a Gold Skull drop. It’s worth engaging in early skirmishes with Operators, as this increases the chances of encountering the Scavenger.

Other bosses, like The Bombmaker and Pyro, also offer a similar opportunity. The Bombmaker resides at Tsuki Castle in Ashika Island, while Pyro can be found in Al Mazrah. Battling these bosses not only offers a thrilling gaming experience but also opens up the possibility of acquiring a Gold Skull.

The Skeleton Key Advantage

For those equipped with Skeleton Keys, several locations like Police Stations and the Sawah Hotel serve as potential treasure troves. Particularly, the third floor of the Sawah Hotel is known to have a higher chance for a Gold Skull spawn, although it also demands a Skeleton Key for access. With a bit of luck, these locations can yield the Gold Skull, enabling players to move on to the Barter Recipe list.

The Gold Skull Hunt: Key Locations

While Gold Skulls can technically appear anywhere within the DMZ, certain locations are known to have a higher frequency of spawning these coveted items. Let’s delve into these locations and their unique attributes.

The Sawah Hotel: A Prime Location

The Sawah Hotel is widely recognized as a hotspot for Gold Skull spawns. Specifically, rooms 302 and 303 are known to harbor these precious items. However, procuring the Gold Skull from these rooms necessitates a Skeleton Key. With it, players can unlock the doors and potentially uncover the coveted Gold Skull.

The Police Stations: A High-Risk, High Reward Spot

Another location that boasts a high probability of Gold Skull spawns are the Police Stations. There are three of them scattered across Al Mazrah, each offering a fair chance of yielding a Gold Skull. While these locations do not require a key for access, they are typically guarded by armored personnel, making it a high-risk, high-reward scenario.

The Safes: An Unexpected Treasure Chest

The final location that players should consider while hunting for a Gold Skull are the safes. Scattered across the map, these safes offer a solid chance of containing a Gold Skull. Therefore, whenever you stumble upon a safe, it’s worth giving it a crack to see if you’ve struck gold.

In conclusion, the hunt for a Gold Skull in DMZ is a thrilling endeavor. Despite the challenges and risks, the potential rewards make the adventure worthwhile. Whether you decide to engage with bosses, utilize Skeleton Keys, or explore specific locations, remember that the key to success lies in strategy, persistence, and a bit of luck. Happy hunting!


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