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Helldivers 2: What to Expect on PS5 – A Detailed Review

Helldivers 2 ps5 review
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Prepare to dive back into the fray with HELLDIVERS™ 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the beloved squad-based shooter that won the hearts of tactical teamwork aficionados. As we eagerly await the release of HELLDIVERS™ 2 on PS5 and PC on February 8, 2024, let’s gear up to join the ranks of these elite warriors once more in their relentless battle against the relentless alien threats plaguing the galaxy. With our trusty arsenal of pistols, machine guns, and flamethrowers, along with the strategic deployment of powerful stratagems like turrets and airstrikes, we’re set for an epic showdown that promises to escalate the series’ thrilling action to new heights.

In our detailed HELLDIVERS™ 2 review, we’ll not only delve into the heart-pounding gameplay and mechanics but also tackle any performance issues, offering solutions to ensure you have the smoothest experience possible. We’ll examine the plethora of unlockables and the integral role of community and co-op gameplay in overcoming the odds. Whether you’re planning to take on missions solo or join forces with fellow players online, this title is primed for those who revel in cooperative play. So, prepare for lightspeed as we embark on this latest intergalactic adventure, tailored for both seasoned veterans and new recruits of the series.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Stepping into the boots of a Helldiver in Helldivers 2 for the PS5, we’re thrust into a satirical yet harrowing interstellar war. The shift to a third-person perspective from its predecessor’s isometric view ups the ante, immersing us into the visceral action synonymous with the ultimate cooperative gameplay experience. We’re talking teaming up with up to three fellow soldiers, manoeuvring across the unforgiving terrains of hostile planets, and accomplishing nail-biting objectives—whether flying solo or in the camaraderie of friends.

Diving into the gameplay mechanics, let’s touch on the critical elements that demand our mastery:

  • Strategic Teamwork: On the battlefield, we exist as cogs in a much larger machine; with friendly fire forever looming, every move is a calculated risk. Coordination with our squad is non-negotiable if we’re to avoid untimely friendly-fire incidents.
  • Mission Variety and Objectives: Whether it’s disarming unexploded ordnance or securing classified intel, missions come with their own unique challenges. We’ll traverse a myriad of planets, each with its tactical conundrums.
  • Dynamic Use of Stratagems: In moments of sheer desperation, the ability to call down a barrage strike or a timely resupply can swing the tide of battle. Choosing the right Stratagem could be the difference between victory and starting over.
  • Hazards and Points of Interest: Vigilance is key. Unattended Hellbombs or poorly navigated undetonated ordnance could spell doom. Yet, temptations abound with half-buried containers and Samples, offering rewards for those bold enough to take the risk.

    Here’s the scoop: upgrades and personalization elevate the Helldivers 2 PS5 experience. Tuning our weapons just right, we also keep an eye out for those luminescent Super Credits and elusive Samples—lifesavers for funding our warfare appetite. The catch? These precious resources often lie near critical points of danger. Stims, though, are the unsung heroes; being able to inject a teammate with vital life-saving serums under heavy fire? Absolutely clutch. And let’s not overlook the satisfying crunch of a Hellpod drop—effective, sure, but a missed target turns that asset into a liability faster than you can say ‘friendly skies’.

    Despite teething performance issues at launch, this Helldivers 2 review recognizes the palpable potential once these hiccups are ironed out. As it stands, Helldivers 2 is rapidly climbing the ranks, amassing legions of interstellar soldiers itching for a piece of galactic warfare. The promise of a managed democracy’s dream—or the satirical nightmare thereof—is certainly proving to be irresistible for PS5 strategy aficionados and newcomers alike.

Performance Issues and Solutions

We’ve all been there, eagerly awaiting the thrill of diving into a new game like Helldivers 2 on our PS5, only to be bogged down by pesky performance issues. It’s like getting ready for an intergalactic battle only to find your spaceship sputtering. But fear not, fellow gamers: the good folks at Arrowhead Game Studios have been on their toes addressing these hiccups. Let’s dissect the performance woes and the triage steps taken—because staying informed is half the battle won.

Performance Potholes and Patch-Ups:

  • Framerate Frustrations: Initially, players faced some bumps with framerate instability, especially on PC. Imagine trying to aim at an alien and suddenly, everything’s moving like a glitchy slow-mo—frustrating, right? But after feedback from the player community, a patch (005) was hurriedly dispatched on February 13, 2024. The aim? Smooth out those framerate jitters and get Helldivers 2 review scores back where they belong. Unfortunately, this fix took us three steps forward, two steps back with “significant degradation” causing an uproar amongst our interstellar fleet.
  • Patch Rollback Ruckus: This aforementioned patch, albeit well-intentioned, had to be yanked back, as it threw a spanner in the works for some players’ experience. Kudos to Arrowhead for holding their hands up and retreating for tactical rethinking. And it wasn’t long after that a fresh, snazzier patch, coded as (01.000.006), darted down from the devs’ skyspace, targeting to alleviate the common crashes and increase our odds at successful matchmaking.
  • Ongoing Operations: At this very moment, our developer squadron is in the trenches, meticulously unpicking the code to resolve performance degradation on PC. It’s all hands on deck with tools and talents focused on specific ailments including but not limited to Quickplay malfunctions, cryopod confinements, and those gut-wrenching random crashes on PS5.

    Trial Tactics for Tenacious Troopers:
    In true Helldivers 2 spirit, the devs are rallying to remedy known nuisances posthaste. Their strategic ops center on:
  • Shipping Solutions: Progressive package upgrades, gone AWOL audio, and adversarial account linkages are all in their crosshairs. Their dedication to squashing bugs gives us lifers in this cooperative crusade optimism that’ll outshine any plasma explosion.
  • Connective Cooperation: In the heart of Helldivers 2 on PS5 lies the essence of community—so when connection crises surface, it’s all-hands-on-deck to reaffirm those ever-crucial bonds. Efforts to enhance server strength and cut down error messages during connection failures are underway, poised to ensure we can all march onto the field of battle together without a hitch.

    Each setback we face and overcome together strengthens our resolve – that’s the ethos of the Helldivers. Arrowhead’s pledge to compensate for the turbulence faced by the players is a testament to their commitment to our gaming journey [Webpage 4]. It’s not just about providing fixes but about forging trust with their community. As they cut through the code, we keep up the camaraderie. Keep your sensors tuned, squad, for more updates—because if Helldivers 2 teaches us anything, it’s that together, we’re unstoppable.

Strategems and Unlockables

Delving into the strategical heart of Helldivers 2 on PS5, we’re talking about Stratagems—our ace in the hole. As we hustle through the ranks, each new level blossoms with fresh Stratagems beckoning from the Ship Management terminal’s luminous screens. I’m here to tell you, leveling up is more than a notch on your belt; it’s a ticket to an armory brimming with game-changing firepower. And that sweet ticket to supremacy? It’s got your name on it right up to the glory of Level 20.

Now, picture this: you’ve got Requisitions (R currency) jingling in your pocket, the kind of currency that talks loud in Helldivers 2. These aren’t pennies for candy; we’re talking 10,000 R for some top-tier Stratagems. You weigh your options—these purchasable beasts are your lifeline. And when it’s time to hit the turf, remember, you’ve only got four slots in your Stratagem holster. Choose wisely, because out there, in the thick of it, they’re your line between triumph and intergalactic dust.

So, what’s the play? Every time we hit a new level, we make a beeline to the Ship Management terminal. It’s our ritual—it’s where plans are hatched, and victories are won before we even step onto the battlefield. From the rich diversity of orbital-deployed combat support abilities to the six critical categories covering everything from patriotic firepower to robotic might, the choice is yours, but here’s a pro tip: Invest early in those early-game Stratagems. They’re the bedrock upon which legends are built. And don’t forget, whether it’s the sturdy Patriotic Administration Center or the sleek Robotics Workshop, these Stratagems are the lifeblood of our fight against those relentless insect and robot armies. They say spend your Requisition slips wisely—well, that’s the understatement of the millennium.

Community and Co-op Experience

Diving into Helldivers 2 on PS5 unveils a cooperative playground where we, as players, gear up for communal warfare. The warm camaraderie forged in the lobby bleeds into the battlefield as we meticulously customize our armor, weapons, and Stratagems before each mission. It’s this pre-battle ritual, as seen in this video, that sets the tone for the strategic symphony we’re about to conduct.

Strategic coordination becomes the cornerstone of victory—my choices intertwine with yours, and a well-balanced loadout becomes our bible. We’ve got armor-piercing arsenals specially designed for thick-skinned nuisances, like the dreaded Terminid Charger. Defensive Stratagems, oh the beauty! Picture this: a shield generator blossoms amidst chaos, its protective embrace shielding us from certain obliteration. Our unity is strength manifest; once our Hellpod touches down, we’re a collective force capable of summoning devastating support Stratagems at will, ranging from mightier weapons to life-saving supply backpacks.

But it’s not just about the gear; it’s how we tread the thin line between valiant heroics and tactical supremacy. Each member of our squad sketches their unique path towards spreading Managed Democracy. Some of us thrive in skirmishes, up close and personal, while others orchestrate our triumphs from a vantage, overseeing the tactical tapestry. Our approach is fluid: whether it’s sharing critical locations, flanking enemy positions to complete side objectives for those sweet, sweet rewards, or expertly reviving a fallen comrade through the pivotal Reinforce Stratagem—each action we take is a stitch in the fabric of our collective endeavor.

What’s paramount to remember is Helldivers 2 requires a lifeline to the outside world—an internet connection and that golden ticket, a paid PlayStation Plus membership, are our keys to this relentless cooperative endeavor. The chaos of co-op, paired with empowering Stratagems, primes Helldivers 2 to etch its name in the annals of PS5’s cooperative combat experiences. With Strategic harmony and the valor of unity at the forefront, Helldivers 2 review fronts promise an intergalactic symphony of cooperation and empowerment. Together, we’re an unstoppable legion—dipping, diving, and deploying into the throes of warfare, sworn to each other until the last alien falls.


In conclusion, HELLDIVERS™ 2 for the PS5 emerges as an intense and engaging sequel, presenting players with a deep tactical cooperative experience that reinforces the series’ core message of teamwork and strategy. We’ve ventured through its rich mechanics, the necessity of thoughtful coordination, the thrill of unlocking potent Stratagems, and the heartening bond formed in its community-based warfare. The game’s minor performance issues at launch, though a setback, have been largely addressed by an attentive development team, reassuring players of continued improvements as they dive into the heat of interstellar conflict.

The broader implications of these features in HELLDIVERS™ 2 lie in their impact on the genre, offering an innovative twist to tactical shooters and solidifying its position as a staple title for the PS5. As the game continues to evolve through patches and player feedback, the potential for further expansion and exploration within this universe is undeniable. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the first installment or a new recruit answering the call to battle, HELLDIVERS™ 2 stands as a testament to the evolution of cooperative gameplay, calling upon the valor and camaraderie of all who join the ranks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about HELLDIVERS™ 2 on PS5

  • What are the primary enhancements in HELLDIVERS™ 2 for the PS5 compared to its predecessor?
    • Helldivers 2 PS5 boasts improved graphics and performance, a third-person perspective for heightened immersion, and expanded multiplayer features. Players will experience more diverse mission objectives and upgrades, alongside a plethora of new Stratagems for tactical depth.
  • Can I play HELLDIVERS™ 2 solo or is it only a co-op experience?
    • Absolutely! While Helldivers 2 is heavily geared towards cooperative play, you can also embark on solo missions. Scaling difficulty ensures a challenging yet manageable experience, tailoring combat scenarios whether you’re a lone soldier or part of a squad.
  • Does HELLDIVERS™ 2 support cross-platform play between PS5 and PC?
    • At this time, cross-platform play isn’t available. However, the development team is passionate about fostering a robust community experience, and we’re hopeful that cross-play might be integrated in future updates.

      Remember, our Helldivers 2 review emphasizes how the game underscores teamwork and strategy, and these FAQs barely scratch the surface of the deep cooperative gameplay waiting for you. So, load up your Stratagems and get ready to spread Managed Democracy across the galaxy, one alien-infested planet at a time!


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