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Best guns in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile in 2023

Best guns in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile in 2023
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In the adrenaline-fueled world of Call of Duty Mobile, your choice of weapon can make or break your game. With an abundance of options, from assault rifles to sniper rifles, submachine guns to light machine guns, and everything in between, knowing which armament to choose can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide will delve into the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile, offering insights into the top choices, their unique features, and how they can be maximized to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Assault Rifles: The Backbone of Your Arsenal

Assault rifles are versatile and reliable, offering a balance of firepower, accuracy, and range that makes them the go-to choice for many players. Let’s explore some of the top choices in this category.

1. AK-47: A Timeless Classic

An icon in the gaming universe, the AK-47 is a powerhouse in Call of Duty Mobile. Its high damage output and wide spray attack make it a formidable weapon, even for those who struggle with recoil.

2. M13: The Underdog

Initially overlooked due to its lower damage rate, the M13 has emerged as a highly recommended assault rifle. Its low recoil and high fire rate make it perfect for short to medium range combats.

3. KN-44: The Long-Range Specialist

The KN-44 is a reliable performer if you prefer long-distance engagements, offering a robust firing rate and manageable recoil.

4. Peacekeeper MK2: The Agile Warrior

Unlocked after achieving 30 headshots with any assault rifle, the Peacekeeper MK2 is a must-have for close to medium-range battles, thanks to its high fire rate and exceptional handling.

Sniper Rifles: For Those Who Like to Keep Their Distance

If you’re a player who prefers to take down enemies from afar, sniper rifles are your best bet. Let’s check out the top performers in this category.

1. DL Q33: The Early Bird

The DL Q33 is a versatile sniper rifle that can deal lethal damage from long distances, even if the bullet doesn’t hit the opponent’s head.

2. Koshka: The Quick Shot

The Koshka is a high-damage bolt-action sniper rifle with low recoil, allowing you to quickly prepare for a second shot if the first one fails to hit the mark.

3. ZRG 20mm: The Vehicle Destroyer

A worthy upgrade from the Locus, the ZRG 20mm can deliver intense damage to vehicles, offering a significant advantage in battle royale mode.

4. SVD: The Cover Fire Provider

The SVD is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is perfect for providing cover fire to teammates thanks to its fast firing rate.

3. Submachine Guns: The Close-Combat Experts

Submachine guns are perfect for close-quarter combat, offering high fire rates combined with mobility. Here are the top choices in this category.

1. Cordite: The Veteran

One of the oldest submachine guns in COD Mobile, the Cordite has remained a reliable performer due to its high damage rate and large magazine size.

2. Fennec: The Speed Demon

The Fennec boasts extremely high fire rates, making it one of the fastest submachine guns in the game. Its good recoil control allows players to quickly wipe off enemy squads.

3. QQ9: The Pro’s Choice

The QQ9 has emerged as the go-to submachine gun for skilled and professional players, thanks to its fast fire rate, low recoil, and high damage in short to medium-range combats.

Light Machine Guns: The Powerhouses

Light machine guns bring a high damage rate, a large magazine size and good accuracy to the table, making them a great choice for laying down suppressing fire. Let’s take a look at the top picks in this category.

1. Chopper: The Versatile Beast

The Chopper LMG is a highly versatile weapon, offering high damage, fire rate, and good accuracy, making it an excellent choice for any range.

2. RPD: The Old School Favorite

A regular feature in many Call of Duty games, the RPD is known for its massive 500-round magazine and comfortable recoil.

3. Holger 26: The Balanced Machine

The Holger 26 is a fan favorite due to its balanced attributes, making it an excellent choice for medium to long-range engagements.

Shotguns: The Close-Range Dominators

For those who like to get up close and personal, shotguns are the perfect choice. Here are the best shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile.

1. JAK-12: The Rapid-Fire Beast

The JAK-12 is a fully automatic shotgun with a fast fire rate and high damage, making it perfect for close-range combat.

2. KRM-262: The One-Shot Killer

The KRM-262 is one of the best shotguns available in the game, known for its high damage and the ability to kill opponents in a single shot when aimed accurately.

3. R9: The Double Trouble

The R9 is a semi-automatic shotgun that fires two pallets at a time, making it unique and highly damaging.

Best Guns for Beginners: Easy to Handle, Hard to Beat

If you’re just starting out in Call of Duty Mobile, you might want to stick to weapons that are easy to handle. Here are the top picks for beginners.

1. M4: The Starter Pack

The M4 assault rifle is the default gun in COD Mobile, offering high damage, minimal recoil, and long shooting range, making it the perfect weapon to get you started.

2. PDW-57: The Practice Gun

The PDW-57 submachine gun is perfect for beginners, thanks to its hefty 50-round magazine and fast reload speeds.

3. DL Q33: The Beginner’s Sniper

The DL Q33 is a versatile sniper rifle that is perfect for beginners looking to hone their sniping skills due to its high damage rate and good accuracy.

In conclusion, the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile can vary greatly depending on your personal playstyle and preferences. However, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the top choices in each category, allowing you to make an informed decision and find the perfect weapon to dominate the battlefield. So, gear up and get ready to claim victory in your next match.


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